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INEDIE is the belief and practice that a person can live without food and water for long periods of life. It is sometimes also called respirianism or pranism. The rare cases clinically followed are tainted with observational biases and suspicions of charlatanism.


INEDIE is an experimental feature film produced within 6 weeks of an intensive experimental residency program (KYTA2) in the Himalayas.

Featuring 11 artists representing India and France who came together to create INEDIE from scratch. With the village of Kalga (Himanchal Pradhesh / Himalayas) as a given characteristic setting, the experimental voice of this film is embedded in a visual narration. 


My role as one of the artists was to contribute to the story, handle the responsibility of Direction & Cinematography and later Edit & Color Grade the film. The complete credit list is available on the Vimeo link.  


This project required the interpretation of a composition created by Award-winning composer Reiner Erlings who created the sonic palette for various artists to draw from. This one piece of music will travel to many artists, inspiring each of them to create a piece that represents their medium of their choice.


THE LONGEST ENGAGEMENT was conceptualised by me (MRINAL) in my avatar as an artist. Inspired by the character, Miss Havisham, from the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, this is the story of a bride stuck in time for 40 years. She is perpetually in a state of listless anticipation of her own wedding to begin and hoping for her estranged fiancé to return. Deserted on the wedding day at 8.40 am, each memento in Miss Havisham’s room is in synchrony with that frozen moment. 

My role as one the artists was to Conceptualise the film and later handle Direction & Cinematography Edit & Color Grade the film.

The complete credit list is available on the Vimeo link.  



This sequence is difficult to believe that it is shot in live-action. 
Water+Oil +Typo+Camera= Pure Magic
However, on the first view, most people believe this is motion graphics.

I conceptualised this film around the idea that "spot" is a bubble.

Handling direction, edit & colour grade for this film was a whole lot of fun. 

The complete credit list is available on the Vimeo link.  


Music TV Show' packaging & promo.

The idea was to promote a program that allows people to shoot n upload anything crazy enough.

I decided to shoot a few B-boys from Bombay wearing fabricated cameras on their heads grooving to a beat on campus.

Motion graphics were later added to the video to add a virtual funk element to this packaging. 

Role - Concept, Direction & Edit.

The complete credit list is available on the Vimeo link. 


A series of hand-painted still images that create real 'magic' when rotated at a certain speed
Originally created by an anonymous 18th-century illusionist/alchemist. 
My only contribution is just bringing these brilliant images to life by finding the right revolution value.

Consider this to be an ode to the original artist who made this. 

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